Tuesday, August 17, 2004

BlogLooking (peeking at blogs)

So now that we have gone deeper into some definitions of weblogs, let's get your mouse and mind in action and look at a variety of blogs.

Try to pick a few that are aligned with either a topic your are most interested, or the type way where you have thought you could use a weblog, e.g.

"I am interested in weblogs about teaching science methods"

"I would like to see how other colleges use weblogs to organize their planning committees."

"I would like to find weblogs about 1800th century British poets"

"I am looking for a newsletter that is published as a weblog."

We will try to provide you some starting points with a variety of weblogs as well as some other sites you can use that maintain large collections of links to more weblogs. This is by no means comprehensive, just an opportunity to savor some variety across the world of blogs.

Try to look at at least 3 different blogs, and do not focus too much on any single blog, even if it is so funny or so zany you cannot believe it. Just look, read, and look.

Blogs about Technology

Education Blogs

Groups/Commitee Blogs

Humor Blogs

Activism/Political Blogs

Non-Mainstream News Blogs

Places that have collections of blogs