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  • Getting Started (and inside) Blogger (11/03/2004 01:42:00 PM)
    Now that you have explored a bit of the weblog universe, hopefully now you are eager to try it for yourself. There are many different types of weblog authoring software and systems out there, but for this workshop we have chosen one with particular nice feaures:

    • It is free

    • It can be used on any computer

    • It is easy to use.

    • Anyone can instantly create a new blog. In seconds.

    • And it is free.

    It's logo says "Push Button Publishing" which says that they aim to make this for anyone to use, not just computer geeks. And did we say it was free? (and by the way, it is owned and powered by the folks from Google, so there are some smart web people making this whole thing work).

    Is that clear enough what software we shall use? Blogger is ideal for new bloggers and students for all the reasons we list above.

    So let's go inside. Participants in our in-person workshops will be provided account access to three pre-made blogs that they can use for the workshops. These are:

    Use the provided instructions to log into Blogger.

    But anyone else who wants to play along can instantly and easily create their own Blogger account- just go to the main Blogger web site at and follow the 1-2-3 steps for Create Your Blog Now!

    Note that in the creation process you have choice of some nicely designed and colorful blog templates. As you get deeper into blogging, you will likely being to see that you can also customize the templates to fit your needs. There is no need to do so, but take some time up front to be selective about the template you choose- make it fit your personality!

    At this point you are ready to blog, isn't that easy enough?

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